Drive ICT. Proactively.

Exxoss was born 10 years ago, and its expending multidisciplinary team is the very heart of its history.

Our various talents allow us to offer the most appropriate products and services in order to proactively drive the ICT changes in your company.

Exxoss is your key partner! We will add value to your business thanks to:

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Our members’ expertise and skills range.

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Our deep knowledge of the market trends and latest technology innovations.

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Our wide pool of activities, from Consulting to IT Operations, involving products and services.

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Our ability to act transversally on your ICT value chain.


Network Operation Center

Exxoss' first priority is and will always be the maintenance of your online services. Therefore, we offer you a 24h/7d monitoring with our best engineers staying alert to any critical issue.

Capacity Management

Exxoss has its own centralized platform with performances statuses rendering.
It allows us to ensure an anticipated handling of the evolution of any service capacity you are entrusting us.

Applications Monitoring

The only service that matters is the one you recommend to your customers.
That is why our engineers are pleased to set up a tailored applications monitoring so that we can intervene proactively whenever your applications require it.

On Site Support

Our team is filled with talents specialized in the skills required for the current IT world.
They are all available to handle your requests, from networking to work applications.

Process & Change

The management of the processes and the change activities is a new and improving area of expertise among the Exxoss Team.

In a world openly evolving more and more, it isn't rare to encounter companies that are too much focused on their internal organization.

According to Exxoss, a company defines itself by the interractions with its stakeholders of all kinds, whether internal or external.

It is with that strongly process-oriented vision that our team analyses and handles our clients' change activities. The way we look at it, we offer a second opinion, an "out of the box" mindset, on the endeavors our customers deal with on a daily basis.


Are you active in the world of software development, or handling a team of developers? Are you looking to increase the quality of your delivrables while simultaneously reducing your implementation timeframe?

The DevOps methodology will guide you through the process and will drastically reduce the duration of your deployment lifecycles.

Once we will have automated your deployment through the installation of test and live environments, we will be able to accompany you in the foundation of an effective and reliable operational culture.


Thanks to its multi-tenant Cloud knowledge, Exxoss has the confidence to introduce itself as your private counsil for the implementation of your cloud strategies.

We are more than happy to assist you in the creation of a flexible, quick and efficient solution for your day-to-day activities.

You can always reach us to learn more about the IaaS, PaaS, private, public and hybrid solutions available for you.



We specialize in low latency networks from 1G to 100G. We study and put in practice alongside our trusted partners, Netgear & Mellanox, in order to implement and monitor your network facilities.

Optical Solutions

We are handling our own network and we carry out your fiber and DWDM projects, from the wiring to the operations.
We collaborate with our strong partner, PacketLight Networks, in order to provide your infrastructure with up to 200G of network speed.


From server hosting to virtualization, we are able to advise you on the most adapted solution to your environment.


NAS, SAN, Backup, Flash Storage, Real-Time replication, ... we study together this perpetually moving market.


Exxoss has his foot in the most strategically located datacenters in Europe. We are able to offer you tailored services handeled 24h/7d.

It allows us to accompany you in your dedicated infrastructure implementation projects, your data replication activities, your Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) methodology or even in your backups.

You can also discover our transport solutions from one datacenter to another so that you can instantly secure your data in various locations.

From Madrid up to Amsterdam, you will encounter the datacenters answering the the most demanding norms, always followed by a tailored service.

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